Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I drew one of the covers for Robyn Hood #7 and and since I actually had scans of all the steps thought I'd put together a quick process post.
The cover concept was pretty simple "3 members of the Cabal walking down a blood splattered hallway". 
I worked up 6 cover thumbnails and sent them into the publisher. They wanted a combination of options 1 and 6 so I roughed out the final sketch at full size. With the final concept ok'ed I tightened up my pencils digitally in Manga Studio. The only tricky part was that once the pencils were approved I had about three hours to ink and scan the cover before I had to catch my flight to New York Comic Con. Luckily, the talented Ivan Nunes handled the colors and pulled the whole thing together.
Robyn Hood #7 By Pat Shand, Roberta Ingranata, Slamet Mujiono and Jim Campbell is in stores today.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A B&W preview from Robyn Hood 5 which hits stores today. With on writing duties and Slamet Mujiono on colors.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Robyn Hood Villain Process

These are some development sketches for the one of the villains from my two issue arc on Robyn Hood. Due to the time crunch of monthly comics I’ll often only have time to design characters on the page (which can lead to headaches later on) so if time permits, I’ll work up a few loose drawings to solidify the direction I want to go in. Since this character doesn’t show up until halfway through the issue I chipped away at her design over the course of coffee breaks over a few days until it was time to finally draw her on the page.

The description in Pat Shand’s script read: 

“a very, very scary little girl. Her eyes are huge black holes, and her mouth is dripping with black liquid. Besides that, she is a normal little girl in a dress that wouldn’t look out of place on a doll.” 

The version on the top right is probably the creepiest take but I wanted the to keep the normal little girl aspect in the design so I kept going. I always feel these kinds of characters are a little scarier when there’s still some humanity peeking through. The final three sketches felt pretty close to what I wanted so I moved on and did a couple quick sketches to work out her proportions.

If you want to see the the final product, Robyn Hood #4 is on stands now and #5 hits stores on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Helsing Process

I actually remembered to take some process photos while working on Helsing #1 last week. I print out my digital pencils (done in Manga Studio) and ink traditionally on bristol board with tech pens, a quill and Raphael brushes.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So I completely spaced on promoting this here but I drew a short, 7 page story in the Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Edition that came out today from Zenescope. The colors by Fran Gamboa came out great so I'm pretty proud of our small contribution to the book. You can see a couple preview pages at the Zenescope website check it out 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Twitter Sketches

I post a lot of sketches and process stuff through my Twitter account (it's just easier to upload through my phone) and here's a smattering of recent posts.

Some More Sequential Work

Here's another batch of sequential pages. The first five pages are for a creator owned project I'm putting together (the text on the second page is just a placeholder).

Sample pages for Top Cow

and a couple sample pages for Zenescope