Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Robyn Hood Villain Process

These are some development sketches for the one of the villains from my two issue arc on Robyn Hood. Due to the time crunch of monthly comics I’ll often only have time to design characters on the page (which can lead to headaches later on) so if time permits, I’ll work up a few loose drawings to solidify the direction I want to go in. Since this character doesn’t show up until halfway through the issue I chipped away at her design over the course of coffee breaks over a few days until it was time to finally draw her on the page.

The description in Pat Shand’s script read: 

“a very, very scary little girl. Her eyes are huge black holes, and her mouth is dripping with black liquid. Besides that, she is a normal little girl in a dress that wouldn’t look out of place on a doll.” 

The version on the top right is probably the creepiest take but I wanted the to keep the normal little girl aspect in the design so I kept going. I always feel these kinds of characters are a little scarier when there’s still some humanity peeking through. The final three sketches felt pretty close to what I wanted so I moved on and did a couple quick sketches to work out her proportions.

If you want to see the the final product, Robyn Hood #4 is on stands now and #5 hits stores on Christmas Eve.

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